Sometimes Sheikhs Can Be Really Nice Guys!

Some romance novel Sheikhs just don't fit the stereotype. Not all of them are quiet, brooding males who only start to warm up half-way through the story. Case in point: Michael Hassan of The Sheik's Mistress by Brittany Young.

This blue-eyed ruler of Sumaru first meets the beautiful Jensen O'Hara when she walks in on him in her hotel room, doing his best to help her find her missing brother. When she screams angrily, he stays calm and kindly responds: "I'm Michael Hassan. Please relax. You have no reason to fear me."

Impressive, considering she did bite his hand when he was only trying to prevent her from screaming.

Rafik Harun of Taming the Sheik by Carol Grace is also a different brand of Sheikh. When lovely Anne Sheridan takes one too many antihistamines during her friend's wedding, Rafik inquires whether she is all right and tries to comfort her when he believes she is overcome with emotion.

Rafik continues to do good deeds whenever Anne's life takes unexpected turns....and it seems to happen throughout much of the book:

  • When Anne falls ill during the wedding reception, Rafik kindly offers to take her home
  • Soon after, she passes out in the car, so he takes her to his hotel room to sleep (naturally, maintaining his honor)
  • When her reputation at work is put at risk as a result of her impromptu hotel stayover, Rafik agrees to pose as her fiance
  • When Anne sprains her ankle during a weekend trip and is unable to work in her garden, Rafik goes to a neighborhood thrift shop, buys work clothes and completes the garden work
Who could ask for a better coupla guys?!