Let's get married, have a baby...but just stay together platonically?

"Why did Ash Saalem have to be so annoyingly gorgeous?" Karen Rawlins, ice cream shop counter girl, asks herself in Expecting the Sheikh's Baby by Kristi Gold. Fortunately for her, he's also quite smitten with her and is intrigued--and senses an erotic challenge--when he discovers that she is trying to conceive a baby, but not the old-fashioned way.

That doesn't really sit well with Ash.

Instead of doing it the "sterile laboratory" way, Ash proposes that he assist her in the endeavor...and offers marriage to give her and their child a secure future! Karen mulls it over and decides that, Yes, it is a good idea to marry someone I've known for one day. But, to her credit (sort of), she lays out an important ground rule:

"After we achieve conception, I would prefer a platonic relationship."

That sounds like a plan with FAILURE written all over it. But Ash, being no slouch in the bedroom department, sets out on a sultry mission to change her mind about remaining platonic.

Sure enough, soon after she's pregnant, her raging hormones have her singing a much different tune:

"I need you, Ash. I need to be with you in every way."

And, to no one's amazement, the flimsy pretense of keeping this bubbling, passionate relationship merely platonic falls apart. And their love for each other gets said out loud when both are actually present in the room, wiping away all of the concocted misunderstandings that often arise when you marry a total stranger.